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It is well known that Wales is primarily a rugby nation, but golf is becoming increasingly popular. A collection of anecdotes, jokes and humorous tales relating to the golfing world will be published this week. Golfing Jokes covers the subjects of Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden, Titters on the tee, Fourballs, Mixed Fours, Caddies, the 19th Hole and some general facts and fiction. Tiger Woods obviously gets a mention!

Many of Wales’s rugby heroes play golf, and the sport is set to attract more interest with the Ryder Cup coming to the Celtic Manor Resort later on this year.

Dilwyn says, “These DIY golf books usually cancel each other out. One book tells you to keep your eye on the ball, the next says not to bother. Personally, I have a much better idea: ditch the teach-yourself books and have a titter on the tee with this one. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did collecting the stories from my golfing pals."

Come and meet the hymn-singing, beer-swilling, sheep-loving, rugby-playing coal miner-the true Welshman. Meet Evan for example-he came from such a musical family that even the sewing machine was a Singer.

The Welsh love to laugh at themselves, their women, their rugby heroes, their preachers and, of course, their sheep! This book contains the best, worst and dirtiest of Welsh jokes - use them on all occasions.

If you love Welsh Humour, this is yet another 'absolutely-must-have' book of snappy and memorable jokes. After dinner speakers will find it a valuable source of wit and wisdom, everyone else, no matter how old, or how young, is sure to find a smile or two within its pages, and something to lift the spirits.

The original compendium of hilarious Celtic jokes is guaranteed to make you chortle and gaffaw for hours on end. In his tireless quest to share the best of Celtic humour with an international readership, Dilwyn Phillips has travelled to every corner of the Celtic nations. A red-blooded Welshman, Dilwyn also claims to have liberal quantities of poteen lurching through his veins.

Hot on the heels of Welsh Jokes, Dilwyn's bestselling joke-tastic debut, Celtic Jokes is set to leave the world of humour reeling in its wake.

Did you know that laughter can reduce stress, boost your immune system, help reduce your blood pressure, and exercise certain muscles? This book is guaranteed to make you laugh all the way to hospital. Author Dilwyn Phillips has unearthed jokes covering all aspects of disease and its attendant professions and sufferers i.e. GP's, Doctors, Nurses, Consutants, Patients and the elderly... you may need your doctor's phone number whilst reading!

Collection of humour, a little-known facet of the Welsh character is unveiled, proving that beneath a veneer of naive pastoral purity, eisteddfodau and chapels lies a rich repository of depraved humour - a ventable cradle of filth. Not for the faint-hearted, this groundbreaking volume cannot fail to excite, amaze and shock on a grand scale.

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